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Who are we?

The two mediation centers in Tirana and Durres are operated by CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation Albania Office in cooperation with the National Chamber of Mediators (NCM) and the Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes (AFCR).

The establishment and management of both centers is a crucial part of the project “Strengthening the Mediation system in Albania”, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by CSSP in coordination with the NCM and the AFCR.

Tirana and Durres Centers are pilots of what is foreseen to be a positive practice for the other regions of Albania to follow later on.

Albania is currently undergoing a substantial and comprehensive reform of the justice system. Due also to the undergoing vetting process, the courts and prosecution offices are experiencing an increase of the cases backlog and an extension of the average length of the trials. Mediation, as well as other instruments of Alternative Dispute Resolution, could play a key role in supporting the justice system in this delicate phase.

The Mediation Centers aim at supporting mediators by, on one hand, building trust and cooperation with public institutions and private clients, thus leading to the increasing number of cases referred from them and, on the other by offering to the mediators and the parties a safe, comfortable and professional space where to solve disputes quickly and efficiently.

The project operates with the support of and in coordination with the Albanian High Judicial Council, the Tirana and the Durres District Courts and the Durres Prosecution Office.

In addition to the establishment of the two mediation centers in Tirana and Durres, other Project activities focus on supporting the development of the mediation system at the national level. Examples of this are advising and assisting the Ministry of Justice in the drafting of bylaws and standards, supporting the implementation of the new legal framework, developing training curricula and capacity building, etc. Activity lines also include the professional exchange between government officials and mediation experts between Albania and other countries, in relation to the good experience developed by CSSP in its other programs.

CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany specialized in mediation, inter-community dialogue facilitation and conflict resolution, with local offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. In the past, CSSP has also worked in Serbia, North Macedonia and Nepal.

The National Chamber of Mediation is an independent public entity that exercises its activity based on the Mediation Law no. 10385, dated 02.02.2011, as amended. NCM regulates and controls the mediation profession, by training mediators every year through continuous trainings, and by providing basic trainings for the new mediators.

Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes is a professional non-profit organization with 25 years of experience in the promotion, development and implementation of mediation in Albania.