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Mediation Centers

Tirana Mediation Center
Adress: Astrit Sulejman Balluku St., Nd2, H3, Ap. 13
Tel: +355 69322 1314
e-mail: [email protected]
Durrës Mediation Center
Adresa: Aleksandër Goga St., L. 2, te Vila Verde
next to Durrës District Court
Tel: +355 69329 0614
e-mail [email protected]

Mediation Centers aim to support mediation by providing the public with a safe space for resolving disputes in a private, professional and effective manner through the assistance of trained professionals, as well as by providing licensed mediators with a free, professional and comfortable environment to ensure they provide their services to the highest standards.

Mediation Centers are also facilities where development and improvement are ongoing processes. The centers will be active and will be committed to creating the best conditions for the mediation service as well as the application of new practices, instruments and techniques for conflict resolution. Trainings and seminars for mediators are part of the action plan of the centers, to further expand and strengthen the capacities of mediators and to contribute to the development of the mediation service in Albania.

Mediation Centers provide all the necessary conditions for the parties to the dispute to feel calm, equal, informed and understood. They are administered by a dedicated, full-time person, who informs the parties / public about mediation and the mediation process, maintains communication with all stakeholders and administers the administrative aspects of the issues. The Administrator of the Center and the mediators perform their work based on the "Internal Regulations" and the "Code of Ethics" which determine the practical - operational way of conduct, as well as the values ​​that guide the daily work.

Mediation Centers work closely with institutions, such as courts, prosecutors, state police regions to promote and provide mediation as an alternative dispute resolution instrument. The Center also maintains contacts with local actors, such as NGOs, schools and businesses, in order to inform and provide mediation as a way to resolve disputes and conflicts quickly and effectively. CSSP together with the partners and staff of the Centers are also engaged in raising awareness as well as informing the general public about the mediation service, through various materials and activities.

The first two Mediation Centers set up by the project "Strengthening the Mediation System in Albania" are in Tirana and Durres. Both are located near the respective District Courts.